Prove Related Quotes

How could I think the brief years were enough To prove the reality of endless love?

Delmore Schwartz

I let ballplayers yell back at me because I wasn't trying to prove I'm boss. I know I'm boss.

Al Mcguire

“His task is to prove to me that he'll be able to assume the role that Kenny Watson had, and that's being a core special teams player, then move forward from there. From that point, we can establish his role on offense.”

Marvin Lewis

We cannot prove that there is no God, but we can safely conclude the He is very, very improbable indeed.

Richard Dawkins

The only people you need in your life are the ones that prove they need you in theirs.

Paris Hilton

Most pro bodybuilders have bad relationships with their fathers. We want to prove something.

Lou Ferrigno

Don't show up to prove. Show up to improve.

Simon Sinek

“We?re starting to prove that we are capable of playing with the top teams, and if you beat a team the caliber of Illinois, that solidifies that. Illinois has been in the top five for a bunch of years now and to beat somebody like that would say something.”

Scott Green

“I think he took that and worked his butt off to prove you sportswriters wrong.”

Scott Jones

Sometimes we have to prove to others we're strong even where we're not.

Simone Elkeles