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“I hope this new move helps the community recognize the services they (CIMVAC) provide,”

Charles Ray

“Our goal is to build websites for Chinese cities and a way-asking system in five years, which can provide inquirers with a detailed location of any place.”

Dai Junliang

“We are thrilled to provide our customers with access to such a rich database of one of the world's most rapidly expanding manufacturing markets.”

Kevin Klein

“We're not going to provide any quid pro quos for North Korea to live up to its existing obligations,”

Richard Boucher

“Cisco can provide all three of these elements, and indeed, it already does to a lot of mobile operators.”

Ken Kolderup

“be prepared to provide sworn testimony.”

Carl Levin

“The process of recovery is difficult and we continue to provide rental assistance, apartment locater services and housing referrals to help evacuees take the next step in securing longer-term housing.”

David Paulison

“If a patient is uninsured and can't afford to provide care, stop ripping them off. Stop charging them the most.”

Richard Kirsch

“We want to a be a resource and provide assistance.”

Carrie Sullivan

“We want to provide very significant tax incentives for businesses to locate there, incentives for housing, and attempt to minimize as much of the red tape as possible by creating one central clearing house for government programs,”

Peter King