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“I think this will provide some continuity to the program and she can continue to develop her skills in this area. Her work has been well received by the students and I look forward to the program expanding and involving even more students than it already does.”

Danny Powell

“Does it provide perfect, two-way communications? The answer is no. But the perfect should not be the enemy of the good. These need to be put into the mines.”

Davitt Mcateer

“We try to be very generous with the customers when we do that. We try to provide them with trees elsewhere in their yard that will provide them with the benefits they want.”

Scott Butler

“The whole idea of developing the implant is to provide a consistent delivery of medication that can quiet down the inflammation within the eye without causing side-effects elsewhere in the body. We can potentially then get people off all the other medications they have needed for years, many of which cause significant side-effects and are uncomfortable, making the patient fairly miserable.”

Glenn Jaffe

“I think it's going to provide great momentum for Assemblyman Levine and myself to move our bill forward.”

Patty Berg

“Iran is ready to provide any guarantees that our nuclear activities are not geared toward nuclear weapon production.”

Gholamreza Aghazadeh

“What the federation approach does is provide the capability, through Passport, to make a single administration point for internal and external sites.”

Chris Le Tocq

“Until the county has a hospital, industry is not going to come here. Industries want to be able to provide medical care for their workers.”

James Aldridge

“We are excited to provide turnkey WLAN connectivity for the new OCTEON CN30XX reference platform. Wireless connectivity is becoming ubiquitous in SMB/SOHO gateway designs. Our mutual customers will benefit from both outstanding performance and rapid time to market with this customer-ready reference system.”

Mark Hung

“Because the enforcement acts are ongoing, we're unable to provide further details.”

Paula Grenier