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“The familiar technique of counting to 10 not only provides the time needed for delay but also offers a distraction from the anger-arousing event. While busily counting, we are not mentally adding fuel to the fire of anger by mulling over whatever happened.”

Dan Johnston

“Linux provides mobile device manufacturers with a powerful platform and unmatched inter-operability, to deliver new capabilities in advanced handsets. In much the same way that the OSDL Carrier Grade Linux working group helped accelerate Linux adoption in telecommunications network infrastructure, we believe that MLI will create the ideal forum where device manufacturers, network operators and developers can focus specifically on Linux and open source applications, to move mobile handsets to the next level of functionality and profitability.”

Stuart Cohen

“It provides a framework to look at every device in the enterprise that has a vulnerability.”

Chris Babel

“This transaction provides Motorola with another highly skilled R&D; team and high-tech facility with a proven product track record.”

Ron Garriques

“Don't begin to think you're the President. You're not. The Constitution provides for only one.”

Donald Rumsfeld

“It's part of the entertainment fabric of the city, ... And it's youthful and it provides a vibrancy to the city.”

Wellington Webb

“Rather than starting from an approach which focused on particular/specific types of transactions and provides views on whether revenue arises from that transaction, and when and how much revenue, the exposure draft establishes broad principles and then explains how those principles are applied to particular transactions. This means that the principles are in place to provide broad guidance. They can be applied to transactions that may be of particular importance to some jurisdictions, but not in other jurisdictions. The problem with adopting an approach which focuses on specific transactions, is that some types of transactions may be missed. This is particularly significant for international standards intended to encompass many different jurisdictions, with different resource flows and administrative arrangements.”

Paul Sutcliffe

“Anyone professionally producing animals will also need to be confident that any building they are converting provides an adequate size of stables and aisles.”

Chris Yates

“He reads the game very well and provides excellent cover for defending teammates. Max is a very versatile player and really could be successful at all 10 field positions. However, he will likely play as a central defender, in very much the same role he currently plays for the Inferno, when he enters our program.”

Gary Hall

“We believe Green Cove Springs provides Stock with the advantages to serve a larger market area in North Florida and South Georgia and we're anxious to get started.”

Andrew Ferguson