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I earn - I'm not - I don't want to claim I'm a scholar of great stature, but I have made a certain reputation for myself, I've published several books, I've never been able to get a permanent teaching job.

Norman Finkelstein

I think the class divide is going to change. I think a lot more working class people are going to get published. It is really class ridden, literature.

Denise Mina

I have had, like most women, a lifelong preoccupation with my weight. My first published short story was a love story between an elderly man and a very young morbidity obese woman.

Lori Lansens

Science fiction is anything published as science fiction.

Norman Spinrad

For seven years I wrote and published my texts on the Internet and no Arab festival invited me and no Arab publishing house wanted to publish my books, and I wasn't known in the Western world because of my political positions.

Hassan Blasim

My assignment was exclusively in the research field, and my first published paper, On the Optimal Use of Winds for Flight Planning, was the outgrowth of that work.

Kenneth Joseph Arrow

I have two books that were published quite some time ago. I start to read about three sentences. I have to close it. I am so self-conscious. Who did I think I was?

Patty Duke

I never wrote anything that was published until I was forty.

James A. Michener

My own best books have not been published. In fact, they've not even been written yet.

Edward Abbey

Always live your life with your biography in mind," Dad was fond of saying. "Naturally, it won't be published unless you have a Magnificent Reason, but at the very least you will be living grandly.

Marisha Pessl