Pull Related Quotes

“We weren't executing so we decided we were going to pull them out of the zone but that wasn't working effectively. We needed to do it and we gradually opened it up enough to where they had to really extend. We weren't stalling; we were trying to get them to come out of the zone.”

Gene Pingatore

“We had a marked patrol car pull him over, bring him back to the house, and execute the search warrant.”

Lt. Darrell Sanders

“We took more resources into the plan than we probably needed to. As we go forward, we'll probably pull that out.”

Andrew C. Roberts

“What's missing is an enormously hot category to pull the whole industry ahead.”

Martin Walker

“We did not pull away until the third quarter after a huge run. We played very well and had balanced scoring. The big difference was getting 19 offensive rebounds.”

Shane Mast

“Refined product fundamentals are quite strong and likely to pull up crude prices. If one adds to all this the possibility of continued 'hot' news from Iraq, Iran, Nigeria and Venezuela, crude prices are likely to rise next week.”

Antonio Szabo

“We would note that given the size of GM, there are relatively few players that could pull such a deal off. Consequently, betting on a takeover of this scale seems to us to be more like gambling than investing.”

Rod Lache

“We scored enough early to pull ahead. We had some scoring opportunities that we took advantage of.”

Gary Long

“I counsel my clients to pull one [report] each quarter.”

Valerie Sherwood

“What we are showing with this concept is that a full utility truck that can pull a horse trailer and take all your construction equipment, can also be environmentally friendly and sustainable and good for our environment and good for American energy independence.”

David Wagner