Punk Related Quotes

When I was younger, I went through a lot of different phases. One day I'd be punk rock, and the next I would be tomboyish, and then I would be really girly. I was so weird. My two best friends and I were just crazy and goofy!

Ashley Benson

When I began to cover songs for YouTube, they all tended to be in the super pop-genre.. as in, smash-hit songs. My writing process was heavily influenced by this - I went from a more heavy punk rock style to straight up sugary-sweet pop.

Alex Goot

I wanted to be in a punk band before I had even heard any punk music.

Kurt Cobain

There were a lot of people doing new and interesting things with rock. But I wanted to take it farther than that. My real influence was punk. I must have listened to the first Patti Smith album 300 times.

Glenn Branca

That's exactly the reason I'm leaving RCR because you've got those punk-ass kids coming up. They've got no respect for what they do in this sport and they've had everything fed to them with a spoon.

Kevin Harvick

That's the authentic punk dance. It's like a child dizzy on lemonade.

Noel Fielding

“You realize that an entire generation has passed you by, but it shows how enduring punk really is.”

Winston Smith

I took Punk to be the detonation of some slow-fused projectile buried deep in society's flank a decade earlier, and I took it to be, somehow, a sign.

William Gibson

What characterized the whole punk scene for me in 1977 was there was no racism or sexism. It was an anarchy of -isms, and a matter of abolishing it all.

Chrissie Hynde

I'm a punk rocker. I don't do Christian.

Adam Ant