Purpose Related Quotes

“I know what my purpose is being here. Just help the team win and get back to the Final Four, try to win an NCAA championship.”

Matt Trannon

The purpose of art is delectation.

Nicolas Poussin

The very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.

Dalai Lama

I learned that the purpose of the Twelve Steps is to do the will of God.

Keith Miller

“Sometimes it's the same moments that take your breath away that breathe purpose and love back into your life.”

Steve Maraboli

My wife only has sex with me for a purpose. Last night it was to time an egg.

Rodney Dangerfield

“Creating an easy-to-use index of books is fair use under copyright law and supports the purpose of copyright: to increase the awareness and sales of books, directly benefiting copyright holders. This short-sighted attempt to block Google Print works counter to the interests of not just the world's readers, but also the world's authors and publishers.”

David Drummond

Education: learning to find your purpose. Upon finding your purpose: what did I learn?


“All the concepts about stepping out of your comfort zone mean nothing until you decide that your essential purpose, vision and goals are more important than your self-imposed limitations.”

Robert White

“The only justifiable purpose of political institutions is to ensure the unhindered development of the individual.”

Albert Einstein