Push Related Quotes

“I like to be the aggressive one. I was able to push it to his weaker side. It pushed him off his game and forced him to make the mistakes. He had his share of winners and good shots.”

Matt Mcgranaghan

“I don't want my husband to push me around in a wheelchair. I don't want someone to lead me around because I'm blind.”

Della Reese

“We have to be on our toes this week. They like to spread and push the ball up the field. We need to get pressure on the quarterback and cover in the secondary.”

Mike Sabins

“The great trend out there ? that sweeps across any record ? is privacy. There's a push by government that every time Joe Citizen's name is mentioned in a government document, it's an inherent threat to Joe Citizen's privacy if that document is released.”

Charles Davis

“What they could use is a D9 cat to push everything in the ditch.”

Darrell Nelson

“You can look inside and there are certain forces that push you. I'm kind of hoping they push me to play football again.”

Ricky Williams

“The longer this goes on ... the more closely it resembles the inflationary push that we saw in the latter part of the 1960s.”

Diane Swonk

“I had to push my chair back to get up.”

Keith Foster

“We continue to push hard to remove costs, complete the restructuring of our traditional assets, drive digital revenue and earnings and pursue our cash goals, ... We are building a strong digital company for the future.”

Antonio Perez

“When I was little, he was the one that pushed me and now that I am older, I now push myself a lot. And he has taught me a lot about boxing stuff, too.”

Robert Rodriguez