Quality Related Quotes

“I think it's a match at top level, and both of us have displayed our quality.”

Xie Xingfang

“A system cannot excel beyond that of its lowest common denominator.”

Candice Cain

“Our focus is strictly on getting a quality game. Building a schedule is really an art. We're looking at a number of different possibilities.”

Dawn Rogers

“He did not sacrifice quality for expediency,”

Alberto Sanchez

“I thank God for qualifying. We came to qualify and we did. We played with quality for 80 minutes then fell apart, but I'm still happy.”

Abdoulaye Sarr

Trust. Such an easy word. Such an impossible quality.

Christine Feehan

“They've to two good quality post players who are real fundamental and solid kids. They know how to get them the ball and those guys finish well.”

Dean Montzingo

I think that in some cases, I've made films that have a sentimental quality, at least as part of the film.

Gus Van Sant

“Authority is not a quality one person ''has,'' in the sense that he has property or physical qualities. Authority refers to an interpersonal relation in which one person looks upon another as somebody superior to him.”

Erich Fromm

“This is kind of a breakthrough. We've tried to push the limits of the quality of animation.”

Mike Johnson