Quantities Related Quotes

My sense is that we are looking at unbelievable quantities of wealth moving from the control of the kingdom of darkness, to the control of the Kingdom of God.

C. Wagner

I like big drinks that aren't afraid of the alcohol in them. Not big in size, but in flavor, and the way I can allow myself to enjoy them is by making them in very small quantities. I make tiny glasses of very big drinks.

Rachel Maddow

And what are these fluxions? The velocities of evanescent increments. And what are these same evanescent increments? They are neither finite quantities, nor quantities infinitely small, nor yet nothing. May we not call them the ghosts of departed quantities...?

George Berkeley

“[? Are copious quantities of alcohol consumed by players? Gordon:] At the end of the day, it is Las Vegas, and it is a weekend. The celebrities are there with little or no responsibility. Maura Tierney was really over the top. She did six shots in two hours. She won her game, then went on to win the championship the same day. We lost our sponsor because of that. ... She never played before. She would go over to me during the break and ask, 'What the heck is going on?'”

Dave Foley

There is nothing in the world like the extraordinary Shiraz and Grenache wines from South Australia. While the most sought-after are undeniably expensive (they're made in tiny quantities from ancient vines), they are huge, rich and concentrated, and represent some of planet Earth's most compelling wines.

Robert M. Parker, Jr.

Enormous amounts of money are spent for publicity. As a result, large quantities of alimentary and pharmaceutical products, at the least useless, and often harmful, have become a necessity for civilized men.

Alexis Carrel

[Mathematics is] purely intellectual, a pure theory of forms, which has for its objects not the combination of quantities or their images, the numbers, but things of thought to which there could correspond effective objects or relations, even though such a correspondence is not necessary.

Hermann Hankel

in general, I feel most comfortable between known quantities.

Pam Houston

Time. There seems to be vast quantities of the stuff spooling around me in all directions, everywhere i look. Days and hours. Weeks and minutes. Years. The hard part, ive discovered, is filling it.

Melissa Bank

Your blood for mine. If not these, then those. War is the supreme mathematics problem. It strains our skulls, yet we work out the sums, believing we have pressed the most monstrous quantities into a balanced equation.

Barbara Kingsolver