Quarter Related Quotes

“Bottom line in this league is you've got to make shots, especially in the fourth quarter,”

Wally Szczerbiak

“We experienced a strong demand for our services during the quarter, which helped to drive the gain.”

Robert Weaver

?There are various estimates about the third quarter impact, ... Our CEA (Council of Economic Advisers) numbers are somewhere between a half and one percentage point on growth. That would still probably leave us at a decent rate of growth for the third quarter.?

Ben Bernanke

“It was a blow-out quarter, they did an incredible job. They blew away the consensus (forecast), and first-quarter guidance looks good.”

Michelle Applebaum

“D.R. Horton has never produced a down revenue or earnings quarter year-over- year in the 28 years of its existence.”

Carl Reichardt

“That second quarter was the best we have played all season.”

Doug Kilmer

“We are pleased to be able to report that the operating loss in the first quarter narrowed significantly over the previous quarter. This reflects a reduction in selling and administrative expenses due to cost savings measures that we have implemented since the fiscal year began. With further cost-savings still to take effect and with a significant increase in new order intake since Dec. 31, we foresee much stronger operating results for the balance of 2006.”

Ceo David Luxton

“We'll start to see improved margins and some very nice flow-through in the third quarter.”

James Perry

“The fourth quarter and 2005 results are in line with our plan. We are excited with the opportunities for our company and we are focused on the execution of the actions that will deliver our revenue and profit plan for 2006 and coming years.”

Marc Bertrand

“[Pennington would prove perfect on the clinching fourth-quarter drive, answering Miami's touchdown by going seven-for-seven for 74 yards, including the one-yard touchdown pass to Jerald Sowell off a sweet up-the-gut fake to Curtis Martin.] Keep smiling and keep throwing, ... Have fun.”

Herman Edwards