Queen Related Quotes

Some said the original evil was the vacuum caused by the Fairy Queen Lurline leaving us alone here. When goodness removes itself, the space it occupies corrodes and becomes evil and maybe slpits apart and multiplies. So every evil thing is a sign of the absence of deity

Gregory Maguire

The queen banishes Snow White because of her beauty. But the dwarves help Snow White because they're smitten by that very beauty. It teaches kids an important lesson: Nothing matters except for your looks.

Craig Ferguson

I could not but wonder at the queen's unprecedented civility, until I realized with a flush of shame that it was my own improved behavior that motivated hers. So it is that we in life determine our own treatment.

Catherine Gilbert Murdock

From Satan or from God, what matter? Angel or Siren, What matter, if you make - fairy with velvet eyes, Rhythm, perfume, light, o my only queen - The universe less hideous, each moment less strained?

Charles Baudelaire

Caine met Diana's disbelieving gaze and laughed aloud."Why so gloomy? Doesn't every little girl want to grow up to be a queen?""Princess," Diana said."So, you got a promotion," Caine said."

Michael Grant

“don't be a drag, just be a queen, weather your broke or evergreen.”

Starbrite Pie

When I was a kid, I was told rock n' roll wasn't music. It wasn't art. Queen was my proof, my evidence, that these people were wrong - and they meant everything to me.

Axl Rose

Looking for a queen or a king to respect, then I suggest you nature which is a real queen, a real king: Generous, creative, almighty and just!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

“Elvis may have been the king of rock'n'roll, but I am the queen.”

Little Richard Penniman

And hail their queen, fair regent of the night.

Charles Darwin