Question Related Quotes

“I'd like to answer that question honestly, but we have seven. It's not like it's going to change.”

Cheryl Burnett

The Mars Polar Lander has been quieter than George W. Bush after a foreign policy question.

David Letterman

“I don't think that it's out of the question that a DVD can be released in the same window as a theatrical release. I think that all the old rules should be called into question, because the rules, in terms of consumption, have changed so dramatically.”

Robert Iger

“But whenever I look at the question of how to live, the answer's always staring me in the face. I'm already doing it.”

Damien Hirst

“Unfortunately ,the answer to that question is yes.”

Catherine Lee

The question isn't 'Do we worship?' The question is 'Who (or what) do we worship?'

Pete Wilson

“Everyone's excited and everything like that, no question. Whenever you can beat a powerhouse like the USA, it's a feather in baseball Canada's history. We're going to enjoy this, celebrate a little bit, but we do have one other game to play and there's no guarantee that we're going to the next round. We can be happy right now, but we still have a task at hand, and that after an hour or two we will focus on Mexico.”

Ernie Whitt

“There’s no question of me leaving the team. I have been here for two years and I think I will stay another three years at the club,”

Djibril Cisse

“Why, kill yourself. Everyone BUT you win. To put it bluntly, your dead.”


“He's always been a scorer, no matter what level he's been at. The question was, would his size get in the way. We found out quickly that the size of his heart never changed.”

Lou Lamoriello