Quick Related Quotes

Happy wife, happy life. I think every man learns that quick. Really quick.

Chad Kroeger

A quick smile is more seductive than a slinky dress.

Mason Cooley

“It was quick, but it seemed like forever.”

Mike Lentz

It's that idea that you can have one drink - and no you can't. Within a week I was drinking heavily. It was so quick that even I was like, 'Wow.'

Robin Williams

“We let a very talented team jump on us quick. The bright side is, we could've folded, but we scored and took them the full seven (innings). I'm satisfied with our effort.”

Chris Cozort

“How quick come the reasons for approving what we like!”

Jane Austen

“I don't think you should make a quick buck off of other people's pain and suffering.”

Chris Rowe

These people being of a sharp and acute intellect, and gifted with a rich and powerful understanding, excel in whatever studies they pursue, and are more quick and cunning than the other inhabitants of a western clime.

Giraldus Cambrensis

She was everything I wanted. She was beautiful and charming, with a quick sense of humor, and she supported me in everything I did.

Nicholas Sparks

“They don't normally call it that quick.”

Dylan Carr