Quite Related Quotes

Hold on to me: Someday I may be quite valuable.

Ashleigh Brilliant

“We observed quite striking differences. This suggests there are racial and ethnic differences in the smoking-related risk of lung cancer.”

Christopher Haiman

The industry's memory is quite short, it's true.

Diane Lane

“If oil hit $100, it would have quite a debilitating effect, ... The economy would slow to a crawl. We'd have a return to stagflation, that cliché from the 1970's. We'd see a huge cutback in driving. The sacrifices would be severe. It would be another blow to the airlines and the whole transportation sector.”

William Hummer

“Taking care of the ball is very important, and from what we've seen they've caused quite a few turnovers and trouble for other teams. It's going to be key for us to take care of the ball against the full-court press that they're likely to put on.”

Shona Thorburn

“Especially big ties. When we've played the finals before, quite often I'd played the Masters Cup and the whole indoor circuit and a lot of matches and maybe I was physically run down a little bit going in,”

Lleyton Hewitt

“We've gotten a lot accomplished and helped the county quite a bit,”

Richard Hodges

“I didn't quite expect myself to be in as good a position as I am.”

Darren Clarke

“Quite frankly, I think we did quite well.”

Fran Townsend

“Financial conditions clearly are quite a bit tighter than they were six weeks ago. I'd be dumbfounded if the Fed was not anxious about this dramatic rebound in yields dampening the rebound in the pipeline.”

Rory Robertson