Quite Related Quotes

I'm quite hyper, and my wife would prefer it if I sat down and read a book.

Jamie Dornan

“There was still quite a bit of political eggshell-walking, but this marks the first time that Bush has identified and described the real goals of radical Islam - to re-establish the mythical caliphate and the global dominance of Islam,”

Charles Johnson

There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means.

Calvin Coolidge

“We hope that the federal government is able to respond quickly and effectively. It is becoming quite evident that the broad nature of this outbreak is going to quickly deplete both state and local funds dedicated to the epidemiological efforts, laboratory testing, surveillance and mosquito-control efforts.”

David Hood

My taste in music and entertainment is quite eclectic.

Yancy Butler

The Nazis quite clearly killed millions of Jews

David Irving

Feminist objectivity means quite simply situated knowledges

Donna J. Haraway

“It's quite possible that of all the scandals and disturbances that the Times has gone through, this is the worst.”

Michael Wolff

“[If that were to happen, the crew quite possibly would have lost both its skipper and its rig to the world's harshest seas. Why take on such a risk?] Because I was young, I was fit, but most importantly, I was a member of the team, ... And sending me up there was the best use of the team's resources. So I did it.”

Simon Walker

There's nothing quite as irksome as someone else's mess.

Sue Grafton