Quo Related Quotes

In the town of Bethlehem many years ago, a man got religion and he changed the status quo.

Phil Ochs

Tonight we send a message to our party that here in Illinois, there will be a new generation of Republican leaders and we will fight to provide a better tomorrow for future generations. We've made clear the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Adam Kinzinger

I am concerned that many young people in the Hemisphere seem to envision the United States as a nation intoxicated by power, addicted to warfare, controlled by a military-industrial complex, and determined to preserve the status quo, that we are against rapid economic and social growth.

Luis A. Ferre

An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. And an artist takes it personally.

Seth Godin

Rebelling against the status quo was one of the definitions of conservatism.

Rick Perlstein

The notion that I should be fine with the status quo even if I am not wholly affected by the status quo is repulsive.

Roxane Gay

Health care is much the same - the status quo is, by all measures, failing far too many people - and we must not shrink from the challenge.

Michael Bennet

“Military intervention to maintain the global status quo will become a constant feature of international relations, whether this is justified in terms of fighting drugs, fighting terrorism, containing "rogue states," opposing "Islamic fundamentalism," or containing China.”

Walden Bello

“status quo is unacceptable.”

William Esrey

It's not a matter of maintaining the status quo. We have to create a dynamic state, oriented towards expansion.

David Ben-gurion