Raised Related Quotes

“At approximately 11:59 the threat level here at the White House was raised to yellow. There was a Cessna plane within 15 miles of the White House. It was north of the White House,”

Scott Mcclellan

“Many customers have commented they can't believe we haven't raised our rates yet.”

Carrie Smith

“We raised the bar and that's a nice thing. It's going so well it's almost spooky.”

Pam Rew

“Some member states have raised the issue of having a European stockpile, and that would be a strategic stockpile to deal with a first outbreak.”

Markos Kyprianou

“I think they are all amazed. Although they would never tell Hale that. But Hale is the guy that raised the bar to where you can still play when you're 60 years old. This guy is unbelievable.”

Dana Quigley

“He was fortunate to stay on the pitch. I don't think it was a malicious arm he raised to hurt somebody but it was raised and with that the boy has collided into it. They could have had easy claims for him to go off the pitch. I think the deciding factor today was the actual match official. I felt his performance today was at times very good. It was a little bit of a itchy game, there was a few tackles going in but he dealt with most of it positively and correctly and that was a crucial decision. I have to praise him for that.”

David Hodgson

“She's raised the bar,”

Paula Creamer

“If they approve it with caps that are too low, and it can only be raised every four years, we are looking at an annual property tax increase. There's going to be a lot of people between a rock and a hard place.”

Steve Schroeder

“[Connie Miller said she lost her husband and her son - who was raised a Christian - on June 14, 2004. She cried for days.] But you are not the son I gave birth to, bathed and raised. ... I do not have a son anymore, ... This will be the last you will see me. That love has been destroyed and will never be there again.”

Connie Miller

“That's where I was born and raised. That was my team when I was a kid.”

Derek Kosub