Ran Related Quotes

“We just kept grinding. We ran the ball a lot. You can only do that when you're blocking well.”

Dan Buenning

“We just ran out of steam (in the fourth period). We weren't hitting our shots and were tired in the end and they (Male) made their free throws. They're a good team.”

David Piehler

“Connell is in great shape. She ran track with Mason Castles. Both are seeing gains from that.”

Noel Schuch

“[The pilot episode of Hatching, Matching & Dispatching (produced and co-written by Walsh) ran in January as part of a CBC test -- the broadcaster ran three shows and asked for public feedback before making any commitments. Walsh's show, about the Furey family who own a funeral home/wedding chapel/ambulance service, got the most response -- more than 4,700 calls and emails, 95 per cent positive.] I figured a certain portion of Newfoundland wouldn't like it because traditionally they don't, ... There's a pocket that didn't like CODCO , but the majority of the island absolutely adored it. There are always people saying we don't like the way you're representing us.”

George Anthony

“I'm disappointed that it wasn't a little bit closer but I had my chances. Stephen played awesome. He ran away with it at the end.”

Retief Goosen

“You could imagine if there was an earthquake in Utah in winter and everyone ran outside and turned off their gas. By the time we could get around to relighting everyone, it would be a problem, because people would have no heat until we got there.”

Steve Chapman

“Basically the Subaru ran the light going southbound on Hal Greer. The guy in the Taurus was just going under his green light and she hit him and spun his car into the grass.”

Dan Morgan

“We ran the floor well, passed well, and did all the things we need to do to win.”

Rich Demuzio

“He ran super in the Belmont Stakes. It looks like he's coming around really nicely. He could be a tough horse. He could be a surprise horse. He's blossomed since he got to Saratoga. I don't see how he'll be out of the money. I think he'll find a way to hit the board.”

Nick Zito

“I think we were fortunate in actually apprehending this individual, ... As you know, he ran away, escaped and obviously just having him in our custody provides U.S. law enforcement with additional intelligence avenues to pursue.”

Raymond Kelly