Range Related Quotes

“Rather small amounts, the amount you might get in an ounce or two of potato chips, cause a wide range of gastro- intestinal problems.”

Michael Jacobson

“We see some positive factors that could potentially bring prices near the top of this range.”

Yingxi Yu

“You can envision a whole range of minimally invasive surgical products that you could insert through a small hole in the body and have snap into a desired shape.”

Robert Langer

“In the middle of a correction, the market seeks to find a bottom and a top -- some kind of range that it can operate in comfortably. So you'll get wide swings as traders try to feel out where's the top, where's the bottom, where's support, where's supply.”

William Mattison

“Using the flag usually keeps you out of range of a kick, bite or strike.”

Peter Campbell

“We learned of the scanning bug in early December, but because it affected a wide range of our products, we wanted to release a fix for all (of the affected versions) at once.”

Mikko Hypponen

“We believe he was shot at point-blank range.”

A.n. Roy

“We're stuck in a tight range with a lot of volatility as we try to break out.”

Paul Mendelsohn

“In about three years from now, we'll have the biggest range of products in Australia, bigger than any other bank in Australia, actually.”

Sir Richard Branson

“With their shooting range, it took so long to recover, ... It's like when we play Dallas, when they have (big nights shooting).”

Yao Ming