Ranking Related Quotes

“As one who served as the ranking Democrat on (the) foreign operations (committee) for many years, and worked closely with the World Bank, I don't see a match in commitment to the vision of the World Bank,”

Nancy Pelosi

“A ranking is just a number by a name. We knew we could do it. We believed.”

Ayinde Ubaka

The Archangel." I murmured. looking back over my shoulder at the ride, which had started its next ascent. "It means high-ranking angel." There was a definite smugness to his voice. "The higher up, the harder the fall.

Becca Fitzpatrick

If an incompetent chieftain is removed, seldom do we appoint his highest-ranking subordinate to his place

Attila The Hun

Everybody feels like an outcast because the world is so large and every fingerprint is so vastly different from one another, and yet we have these standards and beliefs, and dogmatic systems of judgment and ranking, in almost all the societies of the world.

Ezra Miller

Here's some news from Afghanistan. We're sending more troops to seal up the borders. Can we try that here? Three months, 12,000 pounds of bombs and billions and billions of dollars and the highest ranking enemy we've captured so far is an American.

David Letterman

“I am looking forward to getting healthy and defending my year-end number one ranking at the WTA Tour Championships,”

Lindsay Davenport

If television once could be seen as ranking among a number of vehicles for conveying expression or information from which we could choose, we no longer have that choice: the televisual has become an intrinsic and determining element of our cultural formation.

Philip Auslander

Particularly when you're dealing with very high ranking people, you know, you have to get their attention, they are used to, by their rank, of having their own way and doing their own thing and when it's necessary to all work together on something, sometimes you have to hit the mule between the eyes of the two by four to get its attention.

Norman Schwarzkopf

“Maybe some guys were looking at that ranking a little bit too seriously.”

Kasey Keller