Rapidly Related Quotes

?We are now seeing a clear trend, ... Teen drug use is down significantly and rapidly for two straight years.?

Barry Mccaffrey

“It (sales in China) is growing extremely rapidly. It is our largest customer now by country. That market will continue to be our strongest market, and with iron prices and coking coal prices beginning to reflect the increase that was negotiated earlier, you can expect to see that China would continue to grow as a percentage (of sales).”

Chip Goodyear

“Financial services firms are rapidly adopting data quality processes and technologies to understand their customers better.”

Chris Colbert

“Many of the issues come from software vendors trying too rapidly to get the software out of the door,”

Christopher Klaus

“We're delighted that wages have started rising more rapidly. We're not concerned about it having an inflationary impact.”

Allan Hubbard

“Patents which conserve an edge in a rapidly changing market, may have uses for companies such as IBM. But patents which inhibit your customer's ability to achieve their own goals or to contribute to jointly build technology or community build technology are not useful to a company such as IBM wishes to be. ”

Eben Moglen

“They are being fairly careful about it, but they are walking very rapidly toward becoming a portal. They have a lot of other services gunning for them, so they have become most keen about building user loyalty so the users don't have a reason to go someplace else.”

Charlene Li

“Research has consistently shown that those who succeed tend to make decisions rapidly and are slow to reverse a wellthoughtout position. Conversely, people who fail usually decide slowly and change their minds frequently. Once you've made a sound decision, stick by it!”

Anthony Robbins

“Terri is declining rapidly. We believe she has, at this point, passed where physically she would be able to recover, ... Face the Nation.”

David Gibbs

“They're doing a great job at Louisville, but now in the Big East it's going to even grow more rapidly. The Big East gives them some opportunities … for bowl situations and TV.”

Frank Beamer