Rare Related Quotes

“Redeploying these valuable taconite plant assets affords a rare opportunity to sharply reduce project development costs while creating new employment opportunities in an area still recovering from the traumatic LTV plant closure.”

William Murray

“He's just really calm. Never gets rattled. To be so young and to have that kind of poise is rare. Definitely rare.”

Amani Toomer

“It was rare, ... We've not seen that from him really all year. He couldn't find (the strike zone), and I think the leg had something to do with it, although he said it really wasn't bothering him. He never did get comfortable from what I could see.”

Phil Garner

“Ethanol is a rare win-win for nearly all involved. Farmers get higher crop prices, consumers get away from imported energy, environmentalists get renewable and cleaner burning fuel and government gets to send less direct aid to farmers.”

Stephen Volkmann

“We start getting them about spring when it warms up. It's rare for us to get them in January and February, but the winter's been warm, and we're getting them a little earlier.”

Cheryl Brom

“I like the film, and that's rare for me to say because I make films and I am almost invariably disappointed. When I saw ('Match Point'), I said, 'My God, it came out.' It surprised me. . . . So I am enjoying the experience because it happens so rarely for me.”

Woody Allen

“Al-'Owhali is the rare exception: the criminal, the murderer who deserves the ultimate penalty which is authorized under our law,”

Michael Garcia

“It is rare that we get a request signed by a chairman and a ranking member of a full committee and subcommittee. So that created an importance for us to look at NSPS cost.”

Derek Stewart

“It's rare that we see intentional attempts at this sort of thing.”

Dick Piper

“It was such a rare occurrence. People are going to search for a solution to this, but I really don't think anything was wrong. It was a beautiful day; there were the correct number of people on the boat. They were doing everything right according to the regulations.”

Chris Weeks