Rate Related Quotes

“The minutes confirmed the current pricing of rate hikes in the market.”

Niels Christensen

There has been a vast output of critical studies in contemporary poetry, some of them first rate, but I do not think that , as a rule, a poet should read them.

W. H. Auden

Thus disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but at last was complete. The rate was so slow that I felt no distress, and have never since doubted even for a single second that my conclusion was correct.

Charles Darwin

I would rate the fact that I get to be alive a big beautiful 10. Satisfaction with myself - work in progress.

Eve Ensler

When cattle ranchers clear rain forests to raise beef to sell to fast-food chains that make hamburgers to sell to Americans, who have the highest rate of heart disease in the world (and spend the most money per GNP on health care), we can say easily that business is no longer developing the world. We have become its predator.

Paul Hawken

Handel is only fourth rate. He's not even interesting.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

“To compete in a specialist market like marine when you've got a high exchange rate is exceptionally difficult. Companies have got to be very smart and have a particular niche where they excel.”

Maurice Stilwell

“The rate hike was clearly a surprise. Going forward, I can see another one or two hikes.”

David Cohen

The rate of change and innovation occurring across the entire spectrum of society demands that a company like XL utilize the highest level of analytics and information to solve problems for our clients.

Mike Mcgavick

D.N.A. sequences change by mutations, and the idea behind the molecular clock is that those changes occur at, more or less, a constant rate, over time.

Mark Stoneking