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“I've turned down a lot of stuff. I've read several scripts and said "That's not me, I'm not interested in doing that." It's got to be something that inspires me and captures my imagination. I want to be able to say "There's a challenge."”

Karl Urban

“I couldn't believe they were going to let us read something like that. At first, I didn't want to read a book about suicide because I thought it'd be sad, but then I started reading it and I started liking it.”

Candice Williams

“I think the lesson for consumers is?read the contract.”

Mark Savage

“You may not be able to read a doctor's handwriting and prescription, but you'll notice his bills are neatly typewritten.”

Earl Wilson

“Nobody wants to read a book to learn how to type a letter on the computer. Before you know it, material on computers is out of date, and there's so much material online (that people can access).”

Willie Nelms

“I'm always angry for what I've done. I read it in the paper and I can't believe what I've done. … I'll never get totally over it.”

Pat Russin

“You read back through these old records when people were kicked out of the church for swearing,”

David Hess

“When I read 'The Piano Lesson,' I realized it encompassed the entire African-American experience, ... August Wilson's legacy is as important as Martin Luther King's legacy, as important as Malcolm X's legacy and as important as Nat Turner.”

Charles Dutton

“It was supposed to be an Asian girl, so when I read the script I said, 'How am I going convince John Singleton that what he needs is a crazy Latin woman?' But I did. I got lucky.”

Sofia Vergara

“There's not much of anything he hasn't tried. He can't read or write, but he sure does enjoy his sports. Keeping him in Special Olympics is part of his life. It's such a good outlet for kids like this.”

Carol Barth