Ready Related Quotes

“The more chances you get, the more comfortable you feel. I?m ready to go out there if something happens. I?ll feel comfortable if I am ever called on.”

Doug Flutie

“We're convinced the Rocky franchise is as strong as ever, with a whole new generation of filmgoers ready to be introduced and an established fan base eager to be reacquainted with this iconic character,”

Dan Taylor

“Deep down, that feeling is there. But you have to be ready for every game. If you want to run the table, every night is the same challenge.”

Lance Wilson

“It's definitely moving the market to bring people to come and buy a vehicle, maybe before they're ready to because of the limited time frame. The deal is so good on a new car, the down side is that the trade-in is affected because everyone compares how new to used is.”

Wade Bruder

“It's like a dream. These players played their hearts out. It's awesome. They were ready. They weren't afraid of it. We have been here for each other. It has been a great team effort the whole week.”

Nancy Lopez

“I'm happy where I am. When we play any team, I'm ready, excuse my language, to kick (butt). I just want to play ball and win.”

Carlton Hill

“This city's not ready. Banning-Lewis is going to crush this city in so many ways because of all the subsidized infrastructure it's going to provide.”

Dave Gardner

“The Chairman (over the two days) was surprisingly hawkish, and we should be ready for rate hikes as soon as the data justify them.”

Steve Stanley

“I'm glad it's over with and I'm ready to go to Richmond,”

Dale Earnhardt

“We've completed all the procedures necessary to start construction and are ready to start implementing this huge project, the like of which has never been seen before, on Friday.”

Semyon Vainshtok