Realize Related Quotes

The higher my GPA gets the more I realize high school is useless

Megan Mccafferty

I am grateful to realize that my desires do not entitle me to add to another's suffering.

Zoe Weil

I didn't realize there are generations who do not know about the origins of film.

Martin Scorsese

“I was alarmed. I think we probably had seen it earlier and didn't realize it.”

Dr. Joseph Valenzi

“It took about 15 seconds for me to realize what happened and that was kind of a 'see you in 2010' moment for me. I know I kind of had it coming. I have been very fortunate with injuries in my career. It's just the timing that is very unfortunate.”

Allison Forsyth

If man were immortal, do you realize what his meat bills would be?...

Woody Allen

I love being a mom - I really do! I didn't realize how much I would love it!

Autumn Reeser

“I realize they took me in the first round and also gave up another first-rounder for me. I know what's expected of a first-round quarterback in this league. But it's warming to me to know the confidence they have in me to do handle this. Because that's a big deal they made.”

Kyle Boller

the scary part is that people don't realize how much they've changed .

Simone Elkeles

It's a good and rare thing to realize when we're happy.

Faith Sullivan