Realized Related Quotes

“We began to realize that the job is huge, much bigger than we realized.”

David Howard

“I didn't know what I'd find out. I don't think I realized until I started the process how painful it was going to be for me, really. Looking back, I've decided that I really grieved for the first time in my life - 42 years later.”

Patricia Richardson Healy

“This is my assumption. Someone came to steal the trailer and when they opened it realized, 'Oh, now I've got an Indy car. Now what?' So I'm going to make the assumption it's going to surface somewhere here in the next few days. But you never know.”

Scott Jasek

“I realized more than anything that I wanted to learn how to do that. To be able to transport a whole roomful of people to a different world is breathtaking.”

Anne Beardsley

“In the simplest terms, I kept the same mentality coming over here, but I also realized I was getting the opportunity to pitch on a really, really, really good team. And I had to take advantage of it.”

Shawn Chacon

“I came up to throw to third, and I realized I probably shouldn't go there and leave the guy at first base. So I looked at second and nobody was there. I was trying to throw it to those guys. When I threw it, they both went the other way.”

Vernon Wells

“He was a bit off. We took a few X-rays and realized that there was a chip.”

Eric Coatrieux

“Developing the plan, I realized I really need to emphasize what makes (me) different from everybody else. In the landscape industry where price is usually the bottom line, it's really tough to sell yourself on any point other than that, but it's something that, in order to survive, you need to do to set yourself apart.”

Peter Walker

“They turned around and backed out and they realized there were two that weren't with them. The rescue crews are trying to determine their location.”

Lara Ramsburg

“They realized that if they are going to survive the competitive shakeout over the next couple of years, they're going to have to find a bigger partner.”

James Fiorillo