Realized Related Quotes

“We finally realized we might as well get out the best way we knew how. That was to contact page field and come through their property.”

Steve Myers

?We realized we're educators, not cooks.?

Barry Breen

“[The social worker began to read from the appendix and at that point Wanda realized what had happened.] I said I copied this word for word from this book, ... For the first second I was really upset. But then I realized that it was something that I could clear up so easily.”

Wanda Young

“This is my assumption. Someone came to steal the trailer and when they opened it realized, 'Oh, now I've got an Indy car. Now what?' So I'm going to make the assumption it's going to surface somewhere here in the next few days. But you never know.”

Scott Jasek

“We think so much of what he did was intertwined. He realized the power of writing and using the press to spread ideas, and some had to do with civic responsibility or science. The last section deals with his abiding sense that people do something good for other people. This brings in his work in creating the Pennsylvania Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Fire Department, the postal service.”

Carolyn R. Rebbert

“The promises made by the Stockholm Convention must now be realized through specific activities, policies and investments at the national and community levels.”

Shafqat Kakakhel

“It's sort of taken on a life of its own, We realized we had to do more than we'd been doing in the past. It also became evident that she's a very special person to a lot of people.”

Carolyn Bricklemyer

“When I finally realized how it has affected my life, I felt like smashing it, throwing it out the window. Now my compulsion is to try and understand what I've done to myself and my family.”

Dan Moore

“I made a commitment to this woman that I love, this family that I love and I realized this can be fixed and it's okay to part the ego, to abandon self and just stay true to my commitment and be a man of my word. Things are really good. Today we have hope, we have a shot,”

Charlie Sheen

“Before I realized it, out from my mouth comes, 'Good morning,'”

Stephen Bloom