Reasons Related Quotes

If you have reasons to love someone, you don't love them.

Slavoj Žiå¾ek

“One of the reasons I don't see eye to eye with Women's Lib is that women have it all on a plate if only they knew it. They don't have to be pretty either.”

Charlotte Rampling

“The (more recent) studies that have been done, one of the reasons frankly that I think they haven't been followed up on, is they haven't found many positives. You don't get too excited about all negative serology (blood work).”

Michael Perdue

“I've become wary of interviews in which you're forced to go back over the reasons why you made certain decisions. You tend to rationalize what you've done, to intellectually review a process that is often intuitive.”

Peter Weir

Anger always has a reason but there are no good reasons to be angry.

Debasish Mridha

It's always lovely to be part of a project that, on a creative level, is done for all the right reasons.

Elaine Cassidy

“Is it normal for the commission to be disinterested in a problem? ... This is one of the reasons that explains the current rejection of Europe. It is a problem that must be looked at.”

Jacques Chirac

“One of the reasons why is because everybody thinks Coach (John) Fox does it. Here is this (former) defensive coordinator (in Fox); he comes here and all of a sudden the defense is good. A lot of people just think that's what it is.”

Mike Minter

A pink sunset - one of the reasons I moved to the seaside in Margate.

Gemma Cairney

There are far more reasons for death than there are for life.

Sergei Lukyanenko