Recall Related Quotes

Even during my youth, I can recall very few black people living on any kind of public assistance. People were working, doing some kind of job that was useful to the community.

Ed Smith

Over the years, my marks on paper have landed me in all sorts of courts and controversies - I have been comprehensively labelled; anti-this and anti-that, anti-social, anti-football, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-science, anti-republican, anti-American, anti-Australian - to recall just an armful of the antis.

Michael Leunig

“The girls were pretty ecstatic after their performance. It's the first time I can recall in my eight years as coach here that we've finished ahead of Sarasota Riverview in any meet.”

Darryl Southard

You can be sad recalling sad times, but if you really want to be sad, recall happy times.

Robert Breault

“Unfortunately, I don't think Pittsburgh (flight attendants) are really going to benefit from this recall.”

Mark Gentile

When I retired from active duty, I still felt that I owed something to my community. That's why I pursued education... I still miss the classroom and recall those days fondly.

Paul Cook

... what would Poirot do? Poirot wouldn't flap around in a panic. He'd stay calm and use his little grey cells and recall some tiny, vital detail which would be the clue to everything.

Sophie Kinsella

“[But Bustamante -- whose announced campaign strategy is to urge Californians to vote] No on Recall, Yes on Bustamante ... that there's some good that could come from this as a result.”

Gray Davis

“In both cases, he did it with very strong bipartisan backing. But they wrongly and foolishly extrapolated from the recall and the Prop. 57-58 and 66 campaigns that this guy was a masterful campaigner who could sell ice to Eskimos and could sell pork pies in a synagogue.”

Garry South

There are those who, while reading a book, recall, compare, conjure up emotions from other, previous readings. This is one of the most delicate forms of adultery.

Ezequiel Martinez Estrada