Received Related Quotes

“We are trying to ascertain as quickly as possible whether more victims received fake flu shots and whether they, too, are at risk, ... Other charges may follow.”

Chuck Rosenberg

I think awards in this country at this time are inappropriate to be received or given until the condition of the American Indian is drastically altered. If we are not our brother's keeper, at least let us not be his executioner.

Marlon Brando

I've been homeschooling for eight years and have always received the best advice and encouragement from other homeschoolers, rather than a book or lecture.

Lisa Whelchel

Perhaps she had received diamonds, Strike thought; she had always said she didn't care for such things, but when they argued the glitter of all he could not give her had sometimes been flung back hard in his face

Robert Galbraith

“Similar allegations have been raised before, and so far we haven't received any detailed evidence to prove the claim of the Italian association.”

Wei Yafei

I could never stop drugs, I could never stop drinking, until I received my spiritual awakening.

Mike Tyson

Since we have received everything from the Gods, and it is right to pay the giver some tithe of his gifts, we pay such a tithe of possessions in votive offering, of bodies in gifts of (hair and) adornment, and of life in sacrifices.


“We seem very pleased with the market feedback that we have received, which would appear to figure that this transaction would be very positive for the sector. A combination would create a stronger, healthier company that we believe would bring considerable benefits to all stakeholders.”

Nicola Davidson

“The original estimate is $258,000, ... We started working on the project in 2000 and just received the permits this year.”

Mike Adams

Body and spirit I surrendered whole To harsh instructors and received a soul... If mortal man could change me through and through From all I was What may the God not do?

Rudyard Kipling