Recognize Related Quotes

“Today is a difficult day for the company, ... We cannot help but recognize Steve's vision, inspiration and energy, which have done so much to build this dynamic and successful company.”

Charles Koppelman

“We recognize the importance of providing relief and rebuilding in the communities in the disaster area, but it is totally unnecessary to undermine the affirmative action requirements of new federal contracts that are designed to provide equal opportunity in accomplishing these vital tasks.”

Wade Henderson

“Everyone is starting to recognize that you need credentials in this field, especially if you want to manage and lead. This degree takes into account all the different areas of information technology and how to manage them from the legal aspects to finance to storage systems to research and development.”

Phil Freyer

“Courts continue to recognize that class actions are inappropriate in tobacco litigation because of the overwhelming number of individual issues. Medical monitoring class actions are simply no different.”

William Ohlemeyer

“We are gratified that HP shareowners recognize the compelling strategic and economic benefits of the merger and that a decisive majority of shares not affiliated with the Hewlett and Packard families and foundations appear to have been voted in favor of this transaction,”

Carly Fiorina

“If you talk about 'Witness' to anyone, whether you're in France or you're in Germany, they recognize the movie, and that's their concept of what they know about Lancaster County and the Amish community.”

Wendy Nagle

“They recognize he'll be one of the best players, not only on our team but in the conference and the country.”

Mike Krzyzewski

“You've got to know that long before anybody talks to our guys, they recognize and know they might have missed a call in a game.”

Stephen Walkom

“We do recognize the fact that the share price at the moment is rotten, ... There's some disconnect between our company's growth and the share price.”

Rupert Murdoch

“The pictures are really interesting, ... As you look at them, you recognize areas, yet you don't recognize them. There are mature trees in one area or the building of new structure in another area.”

Eric Hansen