Recognize Related Quotes

“They didn't even recognize the real ginger root I had in my booth!”

Chris Reed

“We recognize that tuition over time has increased pretty significantly.”

Chuck Brown

“When we receive a letter from the association that represents the community, we recognize that. What we would like everyone to do is to meet and get on the same page.”

Wes Johnson

“The board says I didn't treat her early enough and I didn't transfer her early enough. I did recognize it and I did treat her, and when I did transfer her, that's when she died.”

George Hsu

“Just as companies are slow to recognize things are going to slow down, they're also slow to recognize that things are going to pick back up, ... We're in a nether world right now, where companies don't necessarily know what is the correct action to take here -- they don't know whether they should be hiring or whether they should be more cautious about pay increases.”

E. Potter

“Working with UNICEF made me grow up and recognize how fortunate I am.”

Roger Moore

“I was disappointed that the chamber didn't recognize that members do vote their consciences.”

Sen. Evelyn Lynn

“I hope this new move helps the community recognize the services they (CIMVAC) provide,”

Charles Ray

“I failed to recognize how important it was to elevate a matter of such gravity to the highest levels, including the president and the members of Congress,”

Donald Rumsfeld

“I think he's the true definition of a great player and you guys should recognize that. I think the recognition of a great player has been lost the last 10, 15 years.”

Shaquille O'neal