Record Related Quotes

“I have always felt that this was a record that Beth needed to make. Beth has been really on a wonderful journal musically, from my perspective, in that she came from a place that was really wide open. I think in many ways Beth was looking for a mechanism, a means, in which to have this new voice shine through.”

Errol Kolosine

“No matter who emerges in the primary, we'll be ready to defend the good record she has.”

Sam Aiona

I've got no criminal record.

Paul Watson

“All I wanted to do was make a dance record. Not even that — a stupid dance record.”

Gwen Stefani

I had to have the record literally taken away from me. I am such a perfectionist.

Zachary Cole Smith

“We believe folks should actually be encouraging new home development. We wanted to set the record straight.”

Carlos Rodriguez

“Our recent record in the League Cup is appalling.”

Alan Curbishley

“It sounds like a broken record, but you feel like the effort is there and you look in our locker and you feel the guys are there, but at the end of the day the results aren't there, and we're not seeing fruits for our labor.”

Chris Klein

“He knew he was close to the record. He passed up a couple of shots he could have made, but it wasn't obvious, like some of these guys missing lay-ups to get a rebound and a triple-double. Scott did it in the flow of the game.”

Marcus Liberty

“It's a solid fund, and they've achieved a fairly good record in recent years without having much exposure to emerging markets.”

Kai Wiecking