Region Related Quotes

“As we look across the region, we have earthquake activity distributed throughout the entire bay area. There's really no escape.”

David Schwartz

“He's been seriously overlooked as the best player in the (Seventh) Region. Terrance can and has elevated to levels no one else in the city and state have achieved.”

Gary Shourds

“This is the earliest use of maize in this region of the Andes. We have good evidence they were growing the plants on site and that they were processing it into flour.”

Linda Perry

“Our waterways are crucial to the economy in our region, so we need to take every step to keep them secure,”

Christopher Shays

“The needs in this county, in this region, are so high, the Senate plan is close to addressing the needs of this region.”

Dana Fenton

“Yes, Kuwait and other states in the region.”

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

“If the region is prepared then so is San Francisco. We cannot handle a massive event on our own.”

Annemarie Conroy

“We have been constantly growing along with the region. Along with the opportunities we find it to be, aside from being one of the most exciting places in the world, I think [it is] commercially one of the most potentially rewarding places that I know of.”

David Komansky

“The region from Asia to Europe is a kind of black hole in terms of what we know.”

Malik Peiris

“When I started, we were ranked as the lowest in the region. Before long, we were ranked the highest of all the states in the region.”

Ned Dummer