Regularly Related Quotes

To all who want to accomplish something I say, Go into the silence regularly for power and wisdom to accomplish.

Elizabeth Towne

The patient must be at the center of this transition. Our largest struggle is not with the patient who takes their medication regularly, but with the patient who does not engage in their own care. Technology can be the driver that excites a patient with the prospect of wellness.

Stephen Beck

There is a kind, I might almost say, of artistic satisfaction, when we are able to survey the enormous wealth of Nature as a regularly ordered whole a kosmos, an image of the logical thought of our own mind.

Hermann Von Helmholtz

Write regularly, day in and day out, at whatever times of day you find that you write best. Don't wait till you feel that you are in the mood. Write, whether you are feeling inclined to write or not.

Arnold J. Toynbee

Colin Powell speaks regularly to high-ranking U.S. officials, he knows a lot about what's going on in the government. And so he's a powerful person who merits transparency, just like any other powerful people do.

Glenn Greenwald

I think people are always saying things are 'over.' Fiction has been regularly 'over' since the 19th century.

Claire Tomalin

The old sergeant from headquarters treats me like a son and takes the greatest pride in whatever I do or write. He regularly assigns me now to certain doors, and I always obey orders like the little gentleman that I am.

Richard H. Davis

“It's a very, very popular exhibition, regularly drawing capacity crowds.”

William Matthews

I think when you write, you should call it a "writing spree." I don't write every day, and I don't write regularly.

Etgar Keret

I've loved car racing all my life. I watch NASCAR regularly, and drag racing because we have Raceway Park in New Jersey. I think I got it from my father.

Queen Latifah