Relax Related Quotes

Michigan is my antidote to Manhattan. This is where I come to relax.

Mario Batali

Respect your uniqueness, and drop comparison. Relax into your being.


“Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it's essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.”

Douglas Pagels

Love and violence-not to conquer one with the other but to live with both, that's what I've learned. Each pulling me a different way. If I relax my struggles they don't tear me in two, but lift me up.

Denis Johnson

I have such bad insomnia and sometimes with insomnia, you can sort of relax and read a book, but anyone who has insomnia knows that other times, it generates incredible anxiety.

Jai Uttal

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”

Robert A. Heinlein

Everybody needs some time to rejuvenate, refresh, recharge and begin again. Seeing babies face is the best way to relax, refresh, rejuvenate and recharge.


If you really want to remove a cloud from your life, you do not make a big production of it, you just relax and remove it from your thinking. That's all there is to it.

Richard Bach

I film so much and I'm working so much that when I do get even a Saturday or a Sunday off, I just literally watch movies or sleep or hang out with my close friends and relax.

Nina Dobrev

“I think it's actually helped me relax a little bit. I'm not so worried about making every throw perfect. It gives me a little more of a chance to settle down and read things.”

Curtis Painter