Remain Related Quotes

“Erik is an awful important part to our hockey team. He's going to remain an important part. He just won't be on the ice with us.”

Dave Hakstol

I watched a bowl of fruit on the table remain motionless. Just another example of life imitating art.

Jarod Kintz

“We remain focused on our primary goal of returning Apple to sustainable profitability,”

Fred Anderson

Be like the koru; as you go forward into the forever-changing future, always remain faithful to the point of origin.

Lauren Lola

When state and religion are one, religion becomes a means for the powerful to remain in power.

Walter Jon Williams

“Because of its non-discriminatory practices, Switzerland has always been an attractive place and would remain an attractive proposal for Iranian authorities looking to shift some of their assets or to diversify the geographical distribution of some of their assets.”

Steve Bernard

“Payment cards remain powerful tools to streamline costs and reduce purchase cycles. Our survey indicates that average cost per transaction with a purchasing card is only 25 percent of the average cost to complete a traditional, paper-based transaction. Driven by new technologies and advances in electronic and management controls, methods and procedures, the potential for U.S. federal payment cards programs remains great.”

Richard Palmer

You always really have to remain consistent in your beliefs and philosophy.

Mark Messier

Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along.

Paramahansa Yogananda

“The figures continue the recent run of reports suggesting that underlying inflationary pressures remain muted. They suggest the bank does have room to cut rates if growth disappoints going forward.”

Nick Kounis