Remembered Related Quotes

“He wanted to be remembered as a famous serial killer, but I hope he is forgotten and that we only remember his victims and the families that survive them.”

Dave Cobb

“I want to be remembered as one of the best record producers of my era.”

Jan Berry

“Pain in the present is experienced as hurt,pain in the past is remembered as anger.”

Gaelic Proverb

“It's nice to know we'll always be remembered for being the first [Quaker Valley] team to get to the championship game for the Penguins Cup.”

Colin South

“Notwithstanding Steve Rogers's pure qualities as a footballer he will be remembered as much for the way he played the game - always cleanly and fairly and in the true spirit of sportsmanship.”

Colin Love

“When any calamity has been suffered, the first thing to be remembered is how much has been escaped”

Samuel Johnson

“It must always be remembered that what the Constitution forbids is not all searches and seizures, but unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Potter Stewart

“I don't want that to be the way this series is remembered.”

Ryan Miller

“History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; Art has remembered the people, because they created.”

William Morris

“My dad always said he wanted to be remembered for his body of work, and he's made more than 75 pictures, some good, some bad, and they will be his legacy to the world of acting,”

Charlton Heston