Removed Related Quotes

“Saddam Hussein has been tenacious in his pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and, unless he is removed from power, he will eventually harm our nation and our allies. Every moment we delay allows him to grow stronger.”

Richard Shelby

Giving works best when the Lord's portion is removed first and believers learn to live within the remainder.

Max Anders

“More significant reforms that would have translated into real cost savings were either removed from the bill at the committee level or defeated on the House floor.”

Raymond G. Farmer

I removed 'cyberspace' from my vernacular. The idea, which I grew up with, of going into a place separate from the real world, is something my students just don't recognise.

Clay Shirky

“Small molecules penetrate the tumor very efficiently, but are also removed very efficiently. Larger molecules penetrate more slowly, but they stay in the tissue longer, giving the patient a greater concentration of the drug. If you balance the two factors with a precise weight, you get optimal drug concentration.”

Ashutosh Chilkoti

I really don't like art where you need to know so much theory to understand. If the theory is removed, it doesn't do anything. That means that this work is an illustration of theory, and I don't believe in the power of the work itself.

Marina Abramovic

Faith may have removed mountains way off somewhere, a long time ago, but it won't remove a wart at home this week.

E. W. Howe

“I can't think of one that's on that list that shouldn't be removed. The steel industry has gone through major restructuring (and) demand is very strong in the United States worldwide and in the United States.”

Dave Phelps

Either Stone Age man was a technological wizard, who carefully removed his technological achievements so as not to upset his inferior progeny, or our population dwindled from a once astronomical size to the mere three billions of today.

Heinz Von Foerster

Don't talk yourself into falling in love with someone. Either, you are in love or you are not. True love is not a choice. It is something you know in your heart when all guilt, doubt and fear are removed.

Shannon L. Alder