Renown Related Quotes

If not for that of conscience, yet at least for ambition's sake, let us reject ambition, let us disdain that thirst of honor and renown, so low and mendicant; that it makes us beg it of all sorts of people.

Michel De Montaigne

There are decades in the making of the one man of renown; Multitudes that go unnoticed who must wreathe for him a crown.

Christopher Paolini

Newt Gingrich is an idiot of great renown... There's something so hopelessly gross and vile about him it's hard to take him seriously.

Maurice Sendak

The greatest works of admiration, And all the fair examples of renown. Out of distress and misery are grown.

Samuel Daniel

The only true riches are those that make us rich in virtue. Therefore, if you want to be rich, beloved, love true riches. If you aspire to the heights of real honor, strive to reach the kingdom of Heaven. If you value rank and renown, hasten to be enrolled in the heavenly court of the Angels.

Pope Gregory I

“All is but toys: renown, and grace, is dead; The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees Is left this vault to brag of”

William Shakespeare

Fame requires every kind of excess. I mean true fame, a devouring neon, not the sombre renown of waning statesmen or chinless kings.

Don Delillo

Even when I'm railed at, I get my quota of renown.

Pietro Aretino

The melancholy ghosts of dead renown, Whispering faint echoes of the world's applause.

Edward Young

Kleos is sometimes translated as "acoustic renown" the spreading renown you get from people talking about your exploits. It's a bit like having a large Twitter following.

Rebecca Goldstein