Replaced Related Quotes

“You’re through. Finished. Burned out. Used up. You’ve been replaced. . . forgotten. That’s a lie!”

Charles R. Swindoll

“Two years ago, I kept all the tires we replaced from potholes in one week and there was a pile of about 300 out back.”

Alan Jones

“market dynamism has replaced dogmatism.”

Colin Powell

If faith cannot be reconciled with rational thinking, it has to be eliminated as an anachronistic remnant of earlier stages of culture and replaced by science dealing with facts and theories which are intelligible and can be validated.

Erich Fromm

“The rub is that the pursuit of happiness, as an end in itself, tends automatically, and widely, to be replaced by the pursuit of pleasure with a consequent general softening of the fibers of will, intelligence, spirit.”

Whittaker Chambers

A father is a fellow who has replaced the currency in his wallet with snapshots of his kids.

Michael Forest

Stryker was a company that allowed me, when I had my knee replaced and I got the Stryker GetAroundKnee put in, to get my career back and get my life back.

Fred Funk

Our precious heritage of natural and unspoiled beauty and unpolluted streams, once exhausted and destroyed, can never be replaced.

Alvin O'konski

The heaviness leaves, and if I'm patient enough it can be replaced by something I need, somthing that would fill instead of drown and let me breathe instead of bleed.

Karin Lowachee

The only still center of my life is Macbeth. To go back to doing this bloody, crazed, insane mass-murderer is a huge relief after trying to get my cell phone replaced.

Patrick Stewart