Report Related Quotes

“Here and there, we may have a ray of sunshine. Some companies may report better-than-expected earnings, ... But, on balance, in this climate, those reports are not likely to fuel markets to move much higher.”

Alan Ackerman

“Today's report provides something for both the hawks and the doves on the Monetary Policy Committee. It is, however, unlikely to precipitate a change of policy when the Bank next meets.”

Simon Rubinsohn

It's a very typical UFO sighting. Carter said it changed color and, in the physical report, described it as being about the size of the moon. And he saw it with about twenty-five other people.

Dwight Schultz

“We've never done this. It's not our place to give out report cards on the states.”

Paul Bresson

You have to go where the story is to report on it. As a journalist, you're essentially running to things that other people are running away from.

Lester Holt

Would the media insist on having a Holocaust-denier to balance any report about the Second Word War?

Caroline Lucas

As a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, I will be participating in several hearings on the startling revelations contained in the report.

Charles Bass

What is most heartbreaking to me is the young women who don't report [being raped] because they were drinking, and they feel like it was their fault that they were drinking. I mean, that is so common.

Claire Mccaskill

“The problem in this report for the bond market is the big increase in hourly earnings and the decline in the unemployment rate.”

Cary Leahey

A new report reveals that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent over $82,000 on food at NFL games. Christie said, 'Hey, both of those games went into overtime.'

Conan O'brien