Report Related Quotes

“Part of what this report does is to highlight the issue to the public to create an outrage about what is going on.”

Ann Veneman

In Afghanistan, life is so fragile; who knows what the next week will bring? That fragility really affects the way you're able to report, and the kind of stories people will tell you.

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

The web can be a fast trip to the library, giving you immediate access to a government report, or it can filter media for you, which is why I look at around 15- 20 of these sites every day.

Ben Schott

“As long as employment report on Friday is not too strong, I think the worst is behind us.”

David Horner

“We met outside the MCI Center and did our scouting report and our walkthrough on the sidewalk.”

Chris Dodson

All effort at originality must end either in the quaint or the monstrous. For no man knows himself as an original; he can only believe it on the report of others.

Washington Allston

An Associated Press report by Chicago-based reporter Sharon Cohen in May 1993 examined Christian fundamentalists and concluded that they were prone to 'riots, terrorism - and death.'

Ralph E. Reed, Jr.

All alone in a committee room of the Senate Office Building in Washington, I was reading the dry typewritten pages in an unpublished report of an almost forgotten congressional committee hearing.

Robert W. Welch, Jr.

Under Syrian law, a journalist is not allowed to report on military matters. This may be wrong or right, but that's just the way it is.

Bashar Al-assad

“We said we accept the Mitchell report -- we accept it and we need to implement it completely.”

Abdel Rahman