Republican Related Quotes

“That's why you never saw him on TV during the Republican National Convention. Even they were too embarrassed to show him.”

Roger Kahn

“Both the Democratic and the Republican parties stand for equality of all people. We have no room in our party, it seems to me, for someone who writes the things that he's written in the last year.”

Warren Rudman

“I think that the Republican candidate should consider seeking the candidacy of the Reform Party ... to bring those two parties together and to tell the Reform Party members that your home is here in the Republican Party,”

Dan Quayle

“[The Nation --] Crony capitalism, ... is the name of the Republican game.”

Robert Scheer

“If you were a Democrat, you'd probably get hammered for it. There's an irony there. You've got a Republican president overseeing the creation of a large, new department. But I don't think he'll get criticized for it.”

Paul Light

“The front-runner in the Republican party will be John McCain, based on his performance at the convention, support for Bush and his polling numbers both nationally and in the early primary states, ... His favorable rating [in national voter surveys] is at about 70 percent among Republicans, Democrats and independents, which is kind of unique.”

Scott Reed

“This clarity is going to be really helpful to Republican donors. Basically we can say, 'Come on in, the water's fine. Everybody into the pool. Let's go and really get our message out there.' ”

David Keating

“It's disturbing, ... This is the first time to the best of my knowledge through successive Republican and Democratic administrations, that the issue of scientific integrity has reared its head.”

Neal Lane

“He's going to debate the Republican opponent in the general election, not in the primary. The Republicans should have their own debate.”

Cameron Johnson

“Although Bob was a Republican and a conservative, he took great pride in the regularity with which the committee under his leadership voted with unanimity, ... He could talk to everyone and would fairly consider issues, and further evidence of this is the frequency with which he was appointed to conference committees to resolve differences in legislation between the House and the Senate.”

Stephen Carr