Republicans Related Quotes

“House Republicans will be on offense this Friday working to get out the news about positive job growth throughout America that will starkly contrast the Democrat agenda of negative spin.”

Ron Bonjean

“He helped himself marginally. He gave a little backbone to a small percentage of wavering Republicans. But I don't think it had any effect on others he didn't have with him in the first place.”

Stephen Hess

We were not republicans or democrats during Katrina. We truly were all Americans, and Trent Lott came through for me.

Donna Brazile

“At the end of the day, this isn't about George Bush; it's about Randy Kelly. The Republicans have won the last three cycles because they've put together a conservative center. We can win by building a new center, a progressive coalition, together.”

Chris Coleman

If Democrats were good at thinking like Republicans, they would see the light and stop being Democrats.

Ari Fleischer

I've always believed in challenging Republicans where they think they are strongest.

Martin Frost

“the Republicans control the Congress. The Republicans have an obligation, their responsibility in that position of controlling the majority to bring out and produce a budget. They haven't done it. They are woefully late.”

Dick Gephardt

In 1980, in 1984, millions of middle-class Democrats became Reagan Democrats, and more of them drifted toward the Republicans with Bush in 1988.

Mario Cuomo

“[Amid this friction, top White House officials told Republicans the relief-and-recovery package could come in much lower than widely quoted projections of $200 billion. Some House GOP leaders also are urging colleagues to cool off, reminding them the true cost is not known.] There are tough choices that are going to have to be made, ... We're going to have to cut unnecessary spending elsewhere in the budget to offset some of the cost with Katrina.”

Scott Mcclellan

“I thought it was a strong night for the Republicans, John McCain talking about national security defense and foreign terrorism. I think Rudy Giuliani did a pretty good job of mixing criticism of John Kerry -- and talking about the president and his efforts on the war on terror. It was a good start. The only question is: How does it build? And will Vice President Cheney and President Bush close the deal?”

Stuart Rothenberg