Requirements Related Quotes

If even one new drug of the stature of penicillin or digitalis has been unjustifiably banished to a company's back shelf because of exceedingly stringent regulatory requirements, that event will have harmed more people than all the toxicity that has occurred in the history of modern drug development.

William Wardell

There are three indispensable requirements for a missionary: 1. Patience 2. Patience 3. Patience.

Hudson Taylor

Like all software, Qmail can survive only when it keeps up with changing requirements.

Wietse Venema

“Even if it's hard to find teachers you don't lessen the requirements just because it's hard to find them.”

Carol Rupe

“Now, they have redefined for the second time the requirements, and we do meet the requirement, so we do have our extension renewed, ha.”

Carl Meyers

“I voted for (Patel), but I wanted to be clear in my mind that he met the requirements before I voted that way.”

Councilman Norman Sugarman

“Super-majority requirements mean shareholders can't change company practices and makes it difficult to hold a company accountable.”

Clark Mckinley

I believe the Palestinians have never indicated a willingness to meet our minimum requirements, which are recognition of Israel's permanence and legitimacy as a Jewish state and end of claims and end of conflict.

Michael Oren

Oppressed groups are frequently placed in the situation of being listened to only if we frame our ideas in the language that is familiar to and comfortable for a dominant group. This requirement often changes the meaning of our ideas and works to elevate the ideas of dominant groups.

Patricia Hill Collins

“Certain industries have industry-specific requirements. Our warehouses feel comfortable to electronics suppliers.”

Andy Bryant