Reserve Related Quotes

“Although we consider the reserve adjustments to be material, the impact of the reserve strengthening has been more than offset by a capital infusion by the parent.”

Donald Chu

“Strengthening economies in Japan and Europe, combined with the threat of further rate hikes from the Federal Reserve has investors anticipating higher rates and acting defensively.”

William O'donnell

“There's no Federal Reserve meeting this month, which gives rate-sensitive stocks a window to recover.”

Linus Yip

“I think Mr. (Federal Reserve Chairman Alan) Greenspan is partially responsible for the latest decline in the market, because in his last testimony, he said something that was quite important, and I think he gave a wake-up call to the market. He said that they were - they had not made a decision yet about the August interest rates.”

Peter Cardillo

“I'd be awfully surprised if the Federal Reserve starts taking its cue from the central bank of Sweden or the Bank of England.”

Vincent Boberski

“I just wanna reserve comment in terms of next year from an overall staff standpoint. I think it's important that we just focus on this year and assess everything when it's all said and done.”

Eric Wedge

“[Tapping the reserve is] not going to make up for the lack of refining capacity, ... but if there is just a problem with oil production in the gulf and not a refining problem, then releasing oil for the reserve will be very helpful.”

Stephen Brown

“The Federal Reserve is nearing the end of its tightening cycle, and the European Central Bank could tighten more.”

David Gilmore

“Arsenio - he's probably the player of the game. He's been playing a reserve role all year long. He had a chance to step up and he took advantage of it. He hit some crucial free throws at the end; hit a couple jumpers - he was really crucial in the win. He came up big for us.”

Mike Surber

“The suicides were not a reserve issue alone. It's very much a shared issue.”

Roxane Snyder