Respect Related Quotes

“I do not think they are asking for respect in this case. They want me to follow one of their taboos in the public domain. And I think there's a very fundamental principle in secular society that you cannot insist on everybody paying special attention to your religious feelings.”

Flemming Rose

“We have great respect for Michigan State. And sometimes fans need to learn from fans what they need to do.”

Cheryl Burnett

I think I've earned a certain level of respect, based on my accomplishments and my consistency.

Curt Schilling

“It's always good to start off well. You want to earn the guys' respect.”

Sean Starke

“I just feel like if I do good work, then people should respect me for the work I do.”

Scott Caan

I think a lot of people have lost respect for the individual, you know, the individual, the person who doesn't conform.

Erykah Badu

It's easy to respect a general, but it's hard to love them.

Andrew Gurland

“I do not respond to this so-called court, with all due respect to its people, and I retain my constitutional right as the president of Iraq . Neither do I recognize the body that has designated and authorized you, nor the aggression, because all that has been built on false basis is false.”

Saddam Hussein

My government will respect the will of the people.

Mwai Kibaki

Keep on smiling, treat people with respect, be cool even if some may not treat you the same. How people treat you doesn't change who you're.

Assegid Habtewold