Respects Related Quotes

The Nazi movement is in many respects one which has my warmest sympathy.

George Bernard Shaw

“That (shall be so); and whoever respects the signs of Allah, this surely is (the outcome) of the piety of hearts.”


“I never met him in person. I appreciated everything he did, and I wanted to come pay my respects. We need more people who are willing to step up and do the things that he did.”

Amanda Jones

“In many respects, this is just the start.”

Andrew Morton

“The mechanical elements for closure are in place. In many respects, Swiss bankers and authorities have come to agree on the mechanism and procedures we have struggled for in the last two years.”

Elan Steinberg

“In some respects, this is a changing of the guard in the industry because Scott has been one of the five or 10 people at the forefront of technology over the last 20 years. Of course, he's still involved as chairman, but it is a significant announcement.”

Dennis Gaughan

“In many respects, the public is reacting to the Edwards pick in almost the same way that they reacted to his rival, Dick Cheney, in 2000.”

Keating Holland

“In many respects, the hardest part is preparation. This is the only rally of the year that takes place in full snow conditions with winter temperatures to match and there is a lot of work that's exclusive to just this event, for instance, making sure that components and seals work in the low temperatures and don't ice up. Bizarrely enough, overheating is a big problem in Sweden as the radiator can become blocked with snow.”

David Lapworth

“We have no aversion to peer-to-peer technology. For us, it is in some respects kind of a promising delivery method. We obviously have issues with its illegal uses, but to the extent that the use of the technology can be legitimized, we're all for it.”

Darcy Antonellis

“Everyone respects everyone else's turf and everyone realizes that sacrifices have been made.”

David Sullivan