Response Related Quotes

Families are ecosystems. Each life grows in response to the lives around it

Mary Schmich

I don't know why Sinclair Lewis fell in love with me. He didn't get even the slightest response from me. But his letters were lovely. And the poems he wrote me were lovely. I used some of them in my book.

Fay Wray

“The prime minister told the House in response that he had 'met the families and had long discussions.' The families told us afterwards that no such discussions took place,”

Stephen Harper

I'm a Freddie Mercury fan. (In response to an interviewer backstage at a Queen concert at the LA Forum, who asked: Can I tell my viewers that Michael Jackson is a Queen fan?

Freddie Mercury

Despair, when not the response to absolute physical and moral defeat is, like war, the failure of imagination.

Adrienne Rich

“I'm very pleased with the overwhelming response from the union members. I've gotten numerous phone calls and e-mails from people who are happy with the new contract.”

Cindy Williams

No matter what response you get from anyone you meet, You are a worthwhile person.

Susan Jeffers

If the show encourages an audience to ask the question, "Is this character's emotional response to this situation valid?," then that's a really good question to ask.

Charlie Cox

“Rally for Relief: Oriental's Response to the Victims of Hurricane Katrina”

Salvation Army

The proper response to a great work of art is to enter it as though there were nothing else in the world.

Huston Smith