Rest Related Quotes

“A good rest is half the work”

Slovenian Proverb

I want you to lie to me just as sweetly as you know how for the rest of my life.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

“The initial medical report is that he has a stress fracture in his ankle that requires a rest period of at least six weeks but it could be longer.”

Saleem Altaf

Spend the rest of your life doing what God prepared you to do.

Howard G. Hendricks

The pen is in your hands, the rest is still unwritten.

Natasha Bedingfield

Experience is knowledge. All the rest is information.

Albert Einstein

“Well, somebody got the rest of them.”

Fats Domino

“Anyone who has spent any time in space will love it for the rest of their lives. I achieved my childhood dream of the sky.”

Valentina Tereshkova

“If they can't get adopted, they will stay here. This is going to be their home for the rest of their lives.”

Carlos Arreola

To rest, the cushion and soft dean invite, who never mentions hell to ears polite.

Alexander Pope