Results Related Quotes

“Non-ferrous metal producers are buying targets, supported by strong earnings results.”

Norihiro Fujito

“I'm waiting on forensic results. They're the experts, but this could take some time. I'm sure they're a very busy group of people. We'll see if what they find matches anything.”

Capt. Allan Elkins

“We bucked the recent trend of lower second-half results. We see two reasons for that: improved market conditions and improved risk efficiency.”

David Sidwell

“To wake up in the morning and think that dreams will just happen, is wrong; you make dreams happen.”

Scottie Somers

“I'm disappointed of course with the results, but I'm satisfied with the way I ran my campaign.”

Michael Puhl

“[We] realize our financial results are unacceptable.”

Mike Burns

“The results may have been unintended but they are what they are: ZIP codes have always been a big factor in determining insurance costs — and now it looks like it's going to be taken away. And let's face it, the urban areas have higher incidences of accidents, higher medical costs, higher legal costs and many more insurance claims than you're going to find in small towns.”

Nancy Mcdonough

“The shares are dropping despite good results because the outlook for the operating profit is extremely conservative.”

Christian Schindler

“The disappointing thing is, at end of day, the results of the formula are considered to be failed if it doesn't match consensus of public opinion.”

Charles Bloom

“We have been encouraged by the results of a couple successful campaigns that we've featured to help promote them, but the overall impact of the format has still been nominal.”

Chris Anstey