Results Related Quotes

“We continue to be very pleased with the results of our UK operation given the overall challenging UK market.”

Rich Fennessy

“Overall I am pleased with our fourth-quarter results. Our revenue and earnings results were solid and we continued to capture market share in the markets we serve. Our complete supply chain management offering is gaining momentum and I look forward to building on our successes in 2006.”

Pete Sinisgalli

“No center has access to it. This is a tragic problem, because the results are very promising and there is no other therapy to prevent this problem from occurring. I hope this report helps resurrect the issue.”

Dr. Aldo T. Iacono

“Today's in-line figures mark an interesting contrast with the above forecast results received recently from rival Legal and General -- where improved UK business underpinned well-received figures.”

Keith Bowman

“We had another year of record results and exceeded all of our 2005 targets,”

Rick Waugh

“Regardless of the results, we played outstanding in the first. We played at both ends of the ice, shot the puck finally. We didn't get rewarded, but there's not many times you won't if you keep playing like that.”

Mike Williamson

“A strong set of results to close out 2005.”

David Veal

“The results offered by all the three institutions showed that the baby cereal products manufactured by Heinz contain no genetically-modified rice.”

Fang Xiangdong

“[His father wasn't thrilled with his venture into pop,] but now he understands because he's seen the results among the people, ... It's not completely to his liking, but what else can he do now that he sees I was right?”

Alejandro Fernandez

“We've registered several hundred players in just a month and a half. We're quite pleased with the results of the soft launch.”

Mark Jensen